About us – Vilicci
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Who We Are

Vilicci was created to make your rides more pleasurable
and show your exquisite taste and style to others.

We carefully research and select the most striking fragrances that will
help you enjoy your day and create the vibe of elegance,
happiness, romance, and distinction, depending on what you feel like today.

"Humans detect a trillion smells and they are essential elements of humanity, we thrive to improve and brighten your sensational moments."

Slava S, Founder & Chief Product Officer

How it All Started...


At the very beginning, we discuss the Idea, we refer to one another, friends colleagues, family, and fragrance
scientists. This is how we discover what people love, want, need, and
dream of.


The development process for Vilicci fragrances was extensive – namely because we had high standards for the finished product "Present" "Long-lasting" "Chemicals free" At every stage of the process of making a final product, we “people-proof”
by having volunteers testers and reviewers of fine scents we create, so that they can really get an idea of quality and perfection.


We spend nearly a year checking out 5 factories in order to evaluate the properties of over 100 fragrances.
After examining we narrowed our choices down to 8 beta fragrances for qualitative user testing.
We then recruited people of all backgrounds to test the most promising car fragrance on the market.

If they disagree, we were back at work, until we refined and created Vilicci fragrance.

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