Tobacco&Vanilla – Vilicci
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Fragrance Description:

  • This is a strong gentleman's and lady's fragrance that represents elegance, style, vintage, and classic vibes. This masterpiece is a formal and warm blend with notes of tobacco leaf and spices like Tonka bean, Vanilla, Cacao.
  • Premium, classy and niche car fragrance.
  • Vilicci Tobacco Vanilla is aimed to be a unique, complex, and extravagant fragrance that will interest certain people who want to be different.
  • Lasts over a month.
  • All of VILICCI Car Fragrances are made in CANADA with high-quality, strong, and long-lasting blends.

About the Fragrance:

 Tobacco Vanilla is opulent, warm, and iconic. Reminiscent of an English Gentleman’s Club and blended with rich spices, vanilla, and tobacco flower.
Product Disclaimer: Once activated, avoid direct contact with plastic - damage may occur.

Like a Good Wine,

Fragrance Requires a Quality Aging Process to Extract a Potent, Yet Aromatic
Trace of All the Element Ingredients Used for Every Little Vilicci Bottle!

We Closely Follow Trends to Bring the Most Iconic and Loved Fragrances to Your Car.

Vilicci Creates a Complex ‘Accord’ of Ingredients, Rather than Just a Few Strong Fruity Smells.

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